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IUCAB B2B Platform North America is the platform for searching for sales reps in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico). IUCAB B2B Platform North America is part of an international B2B network of sales rep platforms. 

Search and find independent sales reps in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)

Principals or manufacturers will find here sales reps in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), qualified according to industry sectors and customer groups (target groups). With the e-mail push notification independent sales reps will be informed directly about your advertisement.

Around 15,000 independent sales reps worldwide. 

By qualifying according to sectors and customer groups (target groups), you address the B2B specialists in these areas.

With the e-mail push notification independent sales reps are informed directly about your ad.

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Sales Agent Non-Fashion: paper bags (automatic & manual), all kind of gift boxes & other paper items, region Frankfurt-Cologne (West Germany)

Sales representative for industrial products wanted / Handelsvertreter für Industrieprodukte gesucht

Gesucht wird/werden ein oder mehrere Verkaufsrepräsentant(en) / Handelsvertreter für unsere Industrieprodukte in DE und AT.
, Austria

Industry Representative (m/f/d) in the D/A/CH region

Application advice from Apex tool accessories

Innovatives Familienunternehmen sucht Top-Verkäufer für Trennwandsysteme im B2B-Bereich

Für den B2B-Vertrieb unserer innovativen Trennwand- und Garderobenschranksysteme suchen wir selbständige technische Verkäufer (m/w/d).

Flachdachentlüftungen und Entwässerungen, Baustoff-&Bedachungsfachhandel, Flachdachverarbeitern

PLZ6&7 Flachdachentlüftungen und Entwässserungen aus Kunststoff /Baustoff-&Bedachungsfachhandel, großen Flachdachverarbeitern und Dachbahnherstellern

Schüttgut-Messtechnik: HV für die Regionen Nord und Süd gesucht

DYNA Instruments produziert seit 30 Jahren Messtechnik für Staub- und Feststoff- bzw. Schüttgut-Anwendungen.

Sales representative for beds/mattresses/furniture

Looking for a sales professional with a network in the furniture trade in the North/West/East regions

Lithuanian manufacturer of shot blasting and painting machinery is looking for agent in Germany

Product groups: Automatic shot blasting machines, manual blast rooms, powder curing ovens and powder painting booths, paint spraying-drying booths.

DIVAKS GmbH looking for market experts in Germany in the field of HoReCa and food production

DIVAKS GmbH, the specialist for the production of insect-based proteins, is looking for sales representatives in the HoReCa and food production sector

Vendom Srl: Ihr Zulieferernetzwerk in Italien

Vertretung gesucht für das Netzwerk von zahlreichen norditalienischen metallbearbeitenden Unternehmen der Zuliefererindustrie

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About IUCAB B2B Platform North America

IUCAB B2B Platform North America is the platform for sales reps in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) with the aim for establishing international business relations between sales reps and principals, manufacturers and suppliers. The platform is part of the international IUCAB B2B platform network.

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Why independent sales reps are essential for your sales?​

Sales reps play an indispensable role in building up a robust sales network for businesses across industries. Their significance lies in their ability to effectively bridge the gap between companies and potential customers, driving sales and fostering long-term relationships.

Market Expertise: Sales reps possess invaluable knowledge about their respective markets. They understand the local dynamics, customer preferences, and competitors’ landscape, enabling them to tailor sales strategies accordingly. This insight is crucial for businesses aiming to penetrate new markets or expand existing ones.

Wide Network: Sales reps often come with an extensive network of contacts built over years of experience. Leveraging these connections, they can swiftly introduce a company’s products or services to key stakeholders, accelerating the sales process. This network also facilitates access to decision-makers who may be otherwise challenging to reach.

Cost-Effective Solution: Hiring in-house sales teams can be costly, involving expenses such as salaries, benefits, training, and infrastructure. On the other hand, working with sales reps typically involves commission-based arrangements, reducing fixed costs for businesses. This cost-effectiveness makes them an attractive option, especially for startups and small businesses with limited resources.

Flexibility and Scalability: Sales reps offer flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to adjust their sales efforts according to market fluctuations and business needs. Whether entering a new market, launching a product, or scaling up operations, companies can easily ramp up or down their sales force by partnering with these professionals.

Focus on Core Competencies: Outsourcing sales activities to sales reps allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, such as product development, innovation, and customer service. By delegating sales responsibilities to experts in the field, companies can streamline operations and allocate resources more efficiently.

Local Presence: In global or regional markets, having a local presence is vital for establishing trust and credibility among customers. Sales reps operate within their designated territories, providing a familiar face for customers and facilitating smoother business transactions. This local presence also enables them to address customer concerns promptly and effectively.

Continuous Feedback Loop: Sales reps serve as a direct link between businesses and customers, offering valuable feedback on market trends, product performance, and customer satisfaction. This feedback loop is essential for companies to fine-tune their offerings, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead of competitors.

Sales reps are instrumental in building and nurturing a robust sales network for businesses. Their market expertise, wide network, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, focus on core competencies, local presence, and feedback mechanisms make them invaluable partners in driving sales growth and fostering long-term success.

What is the difference between travelling salespeople and sales reps​

Sales reps are self-employed entrepreneurs who are active in B2B sales in virtually all industry sectors. They act as brokers for goods between businesses at all levels of the economy. In contrast to travelling salespeople, they work on a commission basis, thus sparing their represented companies the fixed sales costs that accrue with employees. Besides acting purely as brokers, independent sales reps offer a variety of services; for example, technical consulting and development work, representation at exhibitions and trade fairs, conducting and supervising special promotions, and processing complaints. Unlike travelling salespeople, independent sales reps often represent several companies. This means they possess deep knowledge of the markets and competition, and are able to give extensive advice to their principals when it comes to products and sales strategies.

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