IUCAB B2B Platform North America – the Platform for Sales and Distribution in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)!

IUCAB B2B Platform North America is the platform for sales reps in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), with the aim of bringing independent sales reps together with principals, manufacturers and suppliers seeking representations. The platform is part of the international IUCAB B2B platform network is supported by the following associations:

The Association of Commercial Agents of North America – a strong association for sales reps

As a member of the MANA, you will be able to register free of charge here. You will then receive emails with advertisements from principals, manufacturers and suppliers seeking independent sales reps five days before these ads go online.

Learn more about the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association at www.manaonline.org

IUCAB. The Worldwide Alliance of Independent Sales Organisations. Since 1953.

IUCAB is the Worldwide Alliance of National Associations of sales and commercial agents (or manufacturers’ representatives or sales representatives as they are commonly referred to in the US), brokers as well as independent sales companies. With more than 60 years of experience along with deep knowhow around the topic of sales, IUCAB successfully represents as a strong partner the career and economic interests of its Member Associations as well as their members at an international level.

The IUCAB B2B platforms support principals and manufacturers from all over the world in their search for independent sales reps and vice versa. The e-mail push notification informs sales reps directly about new offers.

More about IUCAB at www.iucab.com

IUCAB B2B Platform North America for sales reps

IUCAB B2B Platform North America is supported by the national sales rep association (Manufacturers' Agents National Association) in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico). Both members of the association and independent sales reps who are not members can register. They then receive, by email, ads that match their profiles (e-mail push notification).

An advantage for members: Members receive these emails five days before they are published online!

IUCAB B2B Platform North America for principals and manufacturers​

As a principal or manufacturer you can find independent sales reps in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) and worldwide for the distribution of your products. Just place an advertisement. Registered independent sales reps whose profiles match your criteria will be informed of your advertisement by email.

Operator of the platform

The operator of the platform is CDH eService GmbH, a subsidiary of CDH e.V. The service provider is INCREON GmbH. INCREON GmbH conducts all services on behalf of CDH eService GmbH.